Next Steps

It can be hard to find your way in and around a new church. For this reason we’ve created Next Step experiences to help you get oriented, answer your questions and provide you with specific ways to enter in at your own pace. At each experience you’ll also have the opportunity to meet Mosaic leaders and volunteers who can help you get connected.

Learn more about our current Next Step opportunities below.

Connect Night

Whether you are brand new to Mosaic or have been around for some time, if you want to get more connected to our community, Connect Night is for you. Come hear about the vision and heartbeat of Mosaic, get to know others who are on a similar journey of faith, meet Mosaic group and team leaders, and learn more about various opportunities for you to get involved. All of this happens over food in a very casual and fun atmosphere. Our goal on Connect Night is to remove the barriers to you making meaningfully connections with the Mosaic community.

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Volunteer Staff

Volunteer Staff is those who have decided to move from being one of the crowd to being part of the family. Volunteer staff members refuse to believe the lie that the church exists to meet their needs, but embrace the idea that they are the church which exists to meet the needs of the world.

Volunteer Staff participates in God’s ongoing work in our city in many different ways. Some serve coffee, others serve the poor. Some minister to children, others minister to inmates. Some write songs, others write letters. Some administer the sacraments, others administrate the database. The ways in which Volunteer Staff members serve are as diverse and unique as the members themselves. As Volunteer Staff, they covenant to do this together.

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